AJS Real Estate stands for comprehensive advice and competent support for your professional real estate projects in Berlin: from the property assessment and analysis of potential to the support in buying investment properties, division of the real estate according to the WEG (law of the ownership of a flat) or restoration or the obtaining of building permits up to resale or sale of the previous apartment. With know-how, experience and enthusiasm, our qualified team is working to achieve your satisfaction and your success.

Top-10-Städte-Umsatzvolumen 2014/2015 (Mrd. €)

Umsatzvolumen in Mrd. €
5 4 3 2 1 0
  • 4,26
  • 0,92
  • 0,9
  • 0,8
  • 0,79
  • 0,60
  • 0,56
  • 0,40
  • 0,29
  • 0,28
Quelle: IVD-Zinshausmarktbericht 2015/2016

Aktuelle Preisentwicklung Eigentumswohnungen

Kaufpreisspanne 2015

Stadtbezirk Anzahl
Mittleres Marktsegement1)
Preisspanne in €/m²
1.000 3.000 5.000 7.000
Unteres Marktsegement
in €/m²
Änd. zu
2014 in %
Oberes Marktsegement
in €/m²
Änd. zu
2014 in %
Alle Marktsegemente
in €/m²
Änd. zu
2014 in %
Charlottenb.-Wilm. 6.273
2.092 - 5.420
1.667 12,9
6.175 12,0
3.393 8,4
Friedrichsh.-Kreuzb. 3.677
2.296 - 4.950
2.016 13,5
5.640 12,8
3.604 10,2
Lichtenberg 1.028
1.310 - 3.391
1.233 7,9
3.736 3,4
2.331 -4,2
Marzahn-Hellersd. 399
1.194 - 3.400
1.085 58,4
3.753 25,3
1.667 11,1
Mitte 3.989
1.877 - 6.050
1.542 8,5
6.957 12,5
3.921 7,6
Neuköln 1.154
1.400 - 3.506
1.256 12,1
3.960 18,2
2.362 13,4
Pankow 4.190
1.863 - 4.632
1.667 11,1
5.333 15,9
3.049 5,9
Reinickendorf 1.069
1.318 - 3.152
1.163 11,5
3.573 1,1
2.000 8,2
Spandau 1.096
1.100 - 2.709
1.022 7,2
3.174 0
1.567 12,8
Steglitz-Zehlendorf 2.999
1.730 - 4.792
1.478 17,2
5.479 16,4
2.840 16,3
Tempelh.-Schöneb. 2.943
1.551 - 4.465
1.364 11,3
5.115 27,7
2.578 14,9
Treptow-Köpenick 2.262
1.456 - 3.621
1.327 13,2
4.010 9,9
2.524 6,5
Berlin gesamt 31.079
1.588 - 4.985
1.365 10,1
5.659 13,2
3.000 10,1
1) ohne unteres und oberes Zehntel der Angebote Quelle:CBRE auf Datenbasis empirica-systeme
  • Property owners welcome!
    We expertly bring supply and demand together. With a sophisticated sales strategy for suitable buyers.

    We take care of the professional sale of your condominium or your real estate project. Our in-house architects and our experienced investors will see the true potential of your property. You can also benefit from our strong knowledge of customer requirements, the market situation and sales features. We advise and accompany you to the notarial certification.
  • 1. Due diligence
    We look carefully at your property and the related documents. By analysing the location, size, condition and possibly the decoration and fittings, we determine the right product for the appropriate target group. We know and consider of course the different needs of old and new buildings.
  • 2. In-house architects
    Our in-house architects give you advice for renovations and also give you recommendations for new buildings on the different standards because they know the respective qualities and market prices. We consider possible new or expansion potential as well as the optimisation of the layout of your property and discuss how this would affect the selling price. Any change requests of buyers we can do in the short term thanks to our in-house architects.
  • 3. Well thought out price determination
    To be able to provide sound advice in price determination, we use our industry, market and local knowledge, as well as the comparative figures of own reference objects. The assessment of how the specific district will develop also plays a role in the analysis. All this results in our sales price recommendation so you can sell your property at the best conditions.
  • 4. High-quality exposé
    For the optimal marketing of housing and commercial properties, a professional exposé is essential. Our real estate photographer ensures first-class, qualified property images. We present your property with all relevant data and floor plans, so that potential buyers get all the essential information at a glance.
  • 5. Online sales
    For the marketing of condominiums and real estate projects, we use specially created project websites, our own website as well as all major Internet portals. It is created in a user-friendly way, making your property also look good online. For selected properties, we also advertise abroad for you.
  • 6. Sales via our own customer database
    We don't just market your property via websites or possibly through ads in print media. The most direct way is our customer database in which qualified interested buyers are already stored. We know from them that they are seriously searching and which aspects are important to them. In this way, we can quickly find the right potential buyers for your property.
  • 7. Viewings and showrooms
    Time-coordinated and professionally prepared individual viewings with prospective purchasers are normal for us. Additionally, we offer open-house events in the sales properties - including on weekends. If necessary, please contact our interior designers about the furnishing of a model apartment or a showroom for advice and support. Because they know how to bring living areas to life.
  • 8. Coordination of purchase contracts with the buyer and notary
    Especially with sales contracts for real estate, there are many details to consider. Various draft contracts usually wander back and forth between a seller and a buyer. On request, we will take care of the necessary agreements with the future buyer and the notary. You only have to sign your signature with your own hand.
  • Landlords welcome!
    Your property is in good hands with us. We will search for a suitable tenant for you.

    Do you want your apartment, your home or your commercial property to be rented out quickly and easily? Then let us take care of the work. We take care of creating an effective presentation of your property, carry out the necessary viewings and present a selection of potential tenants who we believe are trustworthy and financially reliable. All this is with the aim of handing over the keys of your property with a good feeling.
  • 1. Consulting - correct starting position
    With regard to your rental property, we advise you on price levels, demand and the legal situation so you know what you can expect.
  • 2. Optimization - contemporary floor plan
    Allow us to support you with the planned layout optimization. We advise you how you can increase the market value of your property with a modern floor plan, for example. Or use our quality network and our reasonable craftsmen terms.
  • 3. Rent determination - adequate price
    We can help you determine the appropriate rent for your property. Benefit from our expertise, our strong market knowledge, our references in all districts of Berlin, our experience and flair for trends, how the various neighbourhoods will develop in the future.
  • 4. Advertisement preparation - good positioning
    Appealing and realistic at the same time - this is how your property should be described and presented to the public. We ensure that your property is looking its best in the relevant online portals and on our website.
  • 5. Photos - high-quality images
    With high-quality, professional photos, we put your property skilfully into perspective. The potential tenants will then mentally want to move straight into your premises.
  • 6. Enquiries - rapid handling
    All enquiries about your property will be processed as quickly as possible by us so that we can present the appropriate potential tenants at short notice.
  • 7. Viewing - appointments Monday to Sunday
    Whether on weekdays or weekends: We comply with the viewing appointments according to your wishes and according to those of the potential tenants. Efficient appointments are a matter of course to us.
  • 8. Potential tenants - careful preselection
    We choose the potential tenants from the large number of applicants who after close examination of the application documents and corresponding individual calls give the impression of being reliable. The final decision is yours, so that you can hand over your keys with a good feeling.